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Pantry Chef

I took a class call Software Development in the fall of 2021. This class focuses on introducing students to the variety of software platforms and languages used in application and website development. As our final project, my team built this website which helps users in the kitchen by finding recipes involving ingredients they already have in their pantries. It also doubles as a recipe-sharing platform, allowing users to add recipes to the database. I learned a ton working on this project though I now I keep forgetting the syntax of a 'for loop' because I'm learning too many languages at once.

RRT Algorithm

RRT Path.png

For my final project of my Programming and Data Structures class in the fall of 2020, I implemented a simple version of an algorithm used in robotics for mapping areas and finding paths between starting and ending locations. The RRT (Rapidly Exploring Random Trees) algorithm works by building out a tree of connections leading towards random points on the field. The algorithm fills up the space, avoids obstacles and finishes when the ending location is reached. The code then returns a path from beginning to end, though it is not necessarily the shortest possible path. For a more detailed explanation of the algorithm, my code and my process, check out my Github repository.

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