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Startup Summer

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I teamed up with Rhiannon Martin and Alma Venta also from CU and together we created Tulip & Twig, a solution to the hassle and waste involved in keeping your kids in clothing that fits. The proposed Tulip & Twig would be a service that buys used clothing from parents and then loans it out to other parents using a library-like system to keep those clothes you just bought, but your kids grew out of, from ending up in a landfill. Plus, who doesn't love a mystery box of curated clothing items every few months!

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During my time at CU, I ran across a group based out of the law school called Silicon Flatirons. They host many events and programs relating to entrepreneurship in the Boulder area. One of their programs, Startup Summer, is directly aimed at students interested in entrepreneurship. The program lasted 2 months and during that time we were guided through the process of creating a startup idea, doing customer research, creating a brand identity and finally, a pitch to the community.


We learned a so much throughout the process both from the experience and from the amazing line-up of speakers they brought in for us. Not only that, and we placed 3rd in the final pitch contest with a lot of excitement about the idea!

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