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How I Became a Birder

Jasey Birding

I don’t remember when I first started noticing birds, but according to household legend I memorized most of the birds in my “Birds of Colorado” field guide when I was two and I have been watching them ever since. I look for birds wherever I go and I’m not usually too far away from my binoculars. I love the challenge of identifying new birds and the joy of watching little house wrens singing in my backyard. I joined the Boulder County Audubon Teen Naturalists several years ago and have gone on bird outings including trips to look for Flammulated Owls, count waterbirds, and photograph ducks.

Jasey's Bird House

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In 2015, after a local birding group visited our neighborhood, I painted an American Kestrel we’d seen and wrote a short article for our neighborhood newsletter. I enjoyed creating the article and artwork so much that I have continued to write one article a month for the past four years, never missing a month! I’ve written about local birds, birds I’ve seen on trips, and an article on bats. As I’ve continued to write them, I’ve begun sending them to friends and family and to the Teen Audubon group. Many of the articles have made it onto the Teen Audubon website. With every article, I learn something new and I love sharing the world of feathers and flight with others.

Birding in CR

Click on a bird below to check out some of my articles

White Ibis.png

White Ibis

Green Jay.png

Green Jay

Black-crowned Night Heron.png

Black-crowned Night Heron

Ring-necked Duck.png

Ring-necked Duck

Belted Kingfisher.png



White-breasted Nuthatch

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