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Girl Scout Day 2019

This year's Girl Scout Day, hosted by my FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition) team, was based around educating girls ages 6-11 about cyber security. We helped more than 100 girls learn about computers, passwords, binary, and encryption. My favorite part of the day was decoding crazy, encrypted words brought to me by the eager students. It is always inspiring to work with these bright young girls and see the inventive solutions they come up with!

Girl Scout Days 2018

Girl Scout Robotics Badge

Recently the Girl Scouts added three robotics badges to their curriculum: Programming Robots, Designing Robots, and Showcasing Robots. My FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition) team hosted robotics Girl Scout events for the first time in 2018. Over two days we had four sessions of more than 50 girls ages 5 to 11. The activities ranged from “program your friend” to “write your name in binary” to the big event: “build a robot out of cardboard and craft supplies.” The girls had so much fun learning about STEM that by the end of the day our building was a happy tornado of craft glue, cardboard, glitter, paint and creative cardboard robots.

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