Painted Wings Design

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I officially started Painted Wings Design in the spring of 2019, but have been doing graphic design for years. I love how it allows me to bring different mediums together -- both physical and electronic. With watercolors, pen and ink, Photoshop, website builders, and drawing tablets I have created a website for my neighbor’s farm, artwork which I sell on Etsy, all the marketing material for my bakery business, this website, the back cover of my homeschool program’s yearbook, a map for volunteers at a wildlife rehabilitation center, and slideshow presentations for Boulder County Audubon Meetings.

Greeting Card Design

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I painted my first bird when I was fourteen and now my walls are covered with them. A few years ago, I put some of my favorites on greeting cards and sold them at a local holiday craft fair. I was surprised by how well they sold. I sold them again the next year and ended the sale with a long list of orders to fill. This sparked me to start an Etsy business to sell them year round. I love putting together card sets, taking product photos, writing descriptions, creating spreadsheets, designing business cards and creating a logo. Now I’m working on getting the word out and would love it if you checked it out.

Website design

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North Field Farm

My neighbor runs a small farm near our house where she grows fantastic veggies. A few years ago she decided to redo her website and hired me to help. We spent weeks designing themes, arranging information, working on layouts, choosing photos, and getting colors right. I learned so much about layout balance and what makes a website look appealing.

Jasey's Little Bakery

My first website ever! I created it when I was 12 for my bakery business. I used a website builder which was a little challenging to work with, but after lots of hours, photos, writing, and baking, I had a website I was proud of. Since then, I’ve added content and products, but the base website and the photos are still the same. This website also helped me win two youth business competitions when I was 13.