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OnX Maps Internship

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School is great and all but what really lights me up are personal projects. During my freshman year, which was 2020, I heard about an event that usually happens in my dorm called 'The Time Travelers Ball.' It's a dance/social but the catch is you have to dress from a different era. I, of course, got excited about it and started thinking about possible outfits.

I'm not a huge entertainment person but I love watching YouTube videos of people doing cool projects. Somewhere along the line I stumbled across a maker who had created a motion-sensing LED skirt and that got me excited. I also got into historical fashion and watched far too many videos of cool, history-inspired outfits. In the fall of 2021, those two ideas came together as I started dreaming up this outfit for the Ball.

I knew this was going to be a big project from the outset but it was a fantastic combination of many of my interests and skills: sewing, electronics, coding, design and more. Plus, it was a great way to apply some of the skills I was learning in class to something more real! 

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