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Graphic Design Projects

In the Fall of 2021, I took a class through the Atlas Institute at CU called 'Text.'  This class focused on graphic design with a strong preference towards typographic design (design focused on text). Through labs and three big projects we explored many of the functions of typography and how it can be used effectively for communication and impact.

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Virtual Reality/Motion Capture

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In the fall of 2021 I took a class through the Atlas Institute called Image. This class revolved around creating visual imagery with a variety of programs. For our final project we created a virtual 3D world using A-frame and free 3D models. We were then given the incredible opportunity to explore our world in the state of the art motion capture studio in the Atlas Institute. Using a motion tracking hat and wand we could control a camera and a flashlight to experience the world we created.

Design Foundations Project

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Design Foundations, which I took in the fall of 2020, is the first in the series of Creative Technology and Design core classes. It focuses on teaching design principles, practices and methods. Through design challenges, we focused on different parts of the design process and we used projects to pull all the pieces together. For our final project, I worked with Torsh, Kai and Kenzie to build a prototype of an app, using Adobe XD, to help children learn about time management. Since this class had a major focus on the design process, I have highlighted much of our process below.

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Hour Adventure Creation Process

The prompt for this project was to create a prototype for an app that helps users explore, understand or manage time in a new or different way. We started our process with several brainstorming sessions that consisted of several steps including coming up with potential problems with our conventional concept of time, different points of view on time, problem statements, solutions to our problem statements and constraints and problems for our ideas.

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We settled on a game-based app for kids that consisted of many small games to help them understand time management and learn that time management can be fun. We started sketching wire-frames, backgrounds and themes to get an idea of how our app would look and function.

Before we started building our final app, we did some digital prototyping in Adobe XD to prove out our concepts and flush out our ideas. We then converged all of our ideas in our final app prototype. I'm quite proud of how it turned out, but like any prototype, there are some things I would change. We got feedback that we should get more specific on the age group the app is targeting as we ended up with games meant for children within a fairly wide range. I would also unify the theme used in the different games as it is mildly disjointed due to each of us building different parts of the app. Overall, I'm very happy with how this turned out and couldn't be more proud of my group for all their hard work!

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