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Carbon Capture Research

In the spring of 2022, I was lucky to be able to take a class that allowed me to research a topic of my own choosing. I decided to research carbon capture as I have been interested in it for a few years. We started by exploring the world of our topic and researching as many different facets of it as possible. Then we chose a more specific sub-topic to dive deeper into. I chose to look at the ethical questions relating to whether we should be pursuing carbon capture. I set out to answer these questions for myself as it's a field I've considered as a career posiblity. However, as research often goes, I found far more questions than answers and started to notice a divide between the questions the public was asking and the questions the experts were answering. I ended up doing a small study on public vs expert opinion on carbon capture and finished out the class with a research paper and poster. You can view both below. While I was never able to answer the questions I set out to, I still was able to learn a lot about this fascinating area of technological development and look forward to seeing where it leads!

Carbon Capture Final.png
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